About Faith Chapel

Faith Chapel had its foundation in 1961 when three men had a vision to reach the children of the Twin Lakes area. A Vacation Bible School grew a Sunday School and that Sunday School grew a Church. Over the last forty years much ministry has taken place at Faith. The Lord has truly blessed the efforts of faithful servants who “never said ‘no’” to the Lord’s calling. Seven years ago Faith Chapel Ministries was formed on prayer and trust in God. He has since done a mighty work in the lives of those involved. It is a place of sweet fellowship that echoes the values of the past on which Faith Chapel’s foundation was built.

As a body of believers, it is our desire to draw inspiration from the mighty beginning of this ministry and to reach out to the children and young people of our area. As members of the family of God, we want to draw together as a community of believers to disciple and train the future generations. We are working toward reaching young people for Christ through a Sunday School as well as Children’s and Youth programs.

We want to invite families of all ages to come and be a part of our fellowship. Our goal is to share the whole word of God to the whole world. and offer something for everyone.You are invited to come and be a part of groundbreaking work for the Lord. Together we will be amazed to see what the Lord has in store for those who walk by FAITH!